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Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Pop singers naked have just Skinny dipping selfies playing Pokemon X and I am wondering if you can get a shiny version of the starter pokemon. Additional Info: I know you can find shiny versions of the starter pokemon by looking around for them or what not. I am asking specifically about the starter pokemon themselves.

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People actually do this?

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Just doesn't do it for me. For now, I have no luck at all. Similar Thre How do you soft reset your game? The Masuda method kind of bores me out even more. Cloner and Collector mad messenger total posts: since: Dec It took me like Elizabeth montgomery pokies my Shiny Cyndaquil but I got lucky I've lost track of how many I've done for my Latias been SRing every day for like 3 weeks and still nothing.

I didn't have to reset though. My cousin managed to start an entire new game when I let him play. Cuckold wife tumbler of Seasons Super Smash Bros.

Pokemon y shiny starter

I have obtained just 1 Shiny in every Pokemon game I've played. Topic: Soft-resetting.

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I don't know how much luck it really is. Follow neoseeker. Community. Strategically misplaced Permanently Plugged In total posts: neopoints: 85 since: Feb Floraysyou're honestly wasting your time trying to get a shiny out of the gate. Lori greiner upskirt Hakuna Matata ultra seeker 1 total posts: since: Jan I'm currently soft-resetting for a Shiny Froakie.

Topic: Soft-resetting Options: Share 1 Print subscribe. Ryse: Son of Rome.

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Didn't even know it until I went into battle and actually saw it. I did get a Shiny Fennekin.

How to get a shiny pokemon in pokemon x and y

It all depends. Sorry for not answering this question.

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I only reset if I accidentally kill a Legendary that I was trying to catch. I currently have like Pictures of big hard dicks 50 soft resets. So far, still no Shiny Froakie. I just figured it wouldn't be Shiny, but lo and behold, it was.

Shiny pokemon amino

Thread title From Last replied Now searching Forgot your password? Hakuna Matata ultra seeker 1 total posts: since: Jan I am a rock, i am an island Still Seekin' total posts: since: Jan How do you soft reset? FlareKampf NeoXtreme total posts: since: Sep I did like 50 Soft Resets just to get female Fenniken. Only did this to get a female Fennekin, Scorpio fairy tail key took me about 20 tries.

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This way, you can breed it, which will allow you to receive lots of Froakies. Genius right? Related Wiki s Soft-Boiled.

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Not really sure if that's even on topic, but that's what I've achieved without resetting or getting from events. Featured Forums. Is that the same thing? Neo-newbie total posts: 6 since: Sep Lexi belle without makeup think I'm insane.

Tips for shiny starter soft resetting

Darkrai King high on "N" total posts: since: Jan I now only use it for trading. I don't seem to be lucky at all.

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The Key of Destiny Legendary Seeker total posts: thread neolove: 19 post neolove: since: Aug I have never soft reset my game for a shiny Weird japan porn before. Zachary gone postal total posts: since: Oct My cousin created a new game, and I refuse to start the game again without that Shiny Froakie I want.

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Good luck. What I suggest you do is reset until you get a female Froakie. Roxas The Key of Destiny Legendary Seeker total posts: thread neolove: 19 post neolove: since: Aug Michmaster Neo-newbie total posts: 6 Cosplayer nip slip Sep Eeveeriderz15 newseeker total posts: 19 since: Erotic supergirl stories Crimson6 Cloner and Collector mad messenger total posts: since: Dec This will dramatically increase the chance of the egg being shiny.

To answer your question, though. Remember me. Either way, I don't reset for shines, natures, IV's, or what-have-you. Just running around waiting till your egg hatches.

Shiny hunting for starter pokémon

Options: Share 1 Print subscribe. League of Legends The Elder Scrolls Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Red Dead Naughty nuns tumblr 2. I've always just closed out of the game and reloaded it.

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How long Craigslist lawton oklahoma it take you guys to get a Shiny Starter? Graveller in Firered luckily caught before it could explodeI think an Oddish in Crystal, though I can't remember for sure.