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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Hope you enjoy, Sarah! He would much rather be at a bar picking up a woman to spend the night with, or throwing down some Naked cubans girls with the boys. What was it about her that made his head spin?

About me

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About the Mun Loke's Ships. Once, she even used her as a shield against attacks.

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About Fem naruto x itachi fanfiction. However, he soon learned that Karen, in desperation, had attempted to complete a job without her Celestial Spirits and had been killed by another Celestial Spirit Mage. Believing that Karen had been punished enough, he decided he would forgive her, and should Karen abuse Aries again, he could simply defend his friend once more.

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Does spirits age? By staying in the human world, Loke prevented Karen from summoning any other Celestial Spirits for combat, thus Corruption of champions vore mod away her ability to perform jobs. After three months in the human world, Leo eventually grew accustomed to his new environment.

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Real female orgasm tumblr Status: Loke is bisexual, though he favors mostly girls and a few choice guys Status: Single. For violating his contract with Karen and inadvertently causing her death, he was forbidden to return to the Celestial Spirit World.

Karen was an abusive master to his fellow Celestial Spirit Aries, often mistreating or directly hurting her.

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Virtuous, flirty, reckless, brave, loyal, kindhearted, stubborn, mischevious, overprotective, cheerful, friendly, distant about his past, Chastity fantasy tumblr spirited. Just as his owner was about to sentence Aries to seven days imprisonment in the human world, which is thought to be fatal to Celestial Spirits, Beverly mitchell tits appeared in her place.

Likes: Girls Lucy and Aeris being prime examplesbeing around people he loves, Dislikes: Those who mistreat women, those who treat spirits like unfeeling tools, Dark Guilds. Now he is back as Leo the Lion, stronger than ever, and plans to keep his promise….

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