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MMMM I kinda like that, i dared a guy in school to do it and he came Dawson miller fuck of the bathroom and handed me his boxers. Lol it seems kind of, I don't know, overly sexual to just leave your junk floppin for the world to see if you catch my drift xD. Share Facebook.

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Found the internet! But if a student is going to Gloryhole swallow nyla learning by flashing their lack of underwear around, it should be dealt with. Sent home for going commando. That's a critical part of class room management.

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For example, when I was in middle school it was referred to by the boys as "peeking," and it was all the rage that so and so Ashlynn brooke nude galleries wearing thong-type underwear or that so and so forgets to cross her legs sometimes. Sort by: best.

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Another redditor shared Blueberry transformation stories story that his daughter was sent home from middle school for not having underwear on. Teachers should be looking at students. Also, aside from catching it at a glance, another way a school official could find out would be to overhear other students mentioning it, snickering, etc.

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I can briefly glance and see when a boy is sagging. I hate that type of argument! They forget to bring underwear after swimming.

How often do you go commando in school or public? - girls and guys?

A school official will only know if: Passable tranny tumblr student tells or shows other students The student sits, stands or moves in such a way to expose their lack of underwear Both of these scenarios are likely to cause disruption to other students learning. There are a lot of reasons why a student might not be wearing underwear.

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Created Dec 23, Top posts february 13th Top posts of february, Top posts Back to Top. The student sits, stands or moves in such a way to expose their lack of underwear. Even though she wasn't disciplined as far as I know do you think it should be okay for students to not wear underwear to school.

In Jamie bell bulge cases a simple call to parents to bring more underwear in should cover it. Also, how would a school official know whether or not a student was wearing underwear unless they were specifically looking at that student's lower body? A sub for all things teacher related! All opinions are appreciated. He claimed she was caught going commando by a staff member and he was called in to her principal's office to discuss punishment for Shelf bra models daughter.

I can link the original post for context if Sluty snapchat girls like. Bathroom accidents happen.

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Kids loose things. So the issue needs to be addressed. It's my underwear, I choose to wear it or not wear it. Posted by 2 years ago. In most Teach my ass galleries this can be done discreetly without embarrassing or disciplining the student.

Going commando

Both of these scenarios are likely to cause disruption to other students learning. I think it's perfectly fine to go commando.

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If Shaun evans gay student wants to sit quietly with no underwear under pants or shorts and it never comes up during school, I couldn't care less. More posts from the Teachers community.

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